Technology behind Game of Life: Total War

Game of Life: Total War was made with a mixture of technologies. These include:

  • Laravel PHP Framework - used for most of the visible site.
  • Bootstrap - used for basic skinning and components.
  • CanvasJS Charts - used for challenge statistics.
  • Landing Page - a bootstrap theme which I heavily bastardised.
  • Javascript Game Of Life - heavily modified, and taken just for the really nice canvas implementation of drawing and user interaction.
  • Box Blur for Canvas - heavily modified, and taken to provide a simple Fog Of War filter.
  • Pyramid - used to process games in the background to calculate winners and losers in each battle.
  • RabbitMQ - used to provide off-load queueing of games to process.
  • PHP Celery - used to send games to RabbitMQ for processing.
  • Pyramid Celery - used to fetch games for processing from RabbitMQ.
  • SupervisorD - used to run pyramid celery workers.
  • Linode - used for hosting this monstrosity.