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Game Of Life: Total War

Game of Life: Total War is a multiplayer variant of Conways Game of Life.

Unlike other variations of Game Of Life, you place pieces in an attempt to out-thrive or out-survive your opponent. Each battle is between an attacker, a defender, and a whole bunch of unruly civilians.

Winning a battle lets you grow your army to build bigger and better formations, but losing a battle will cost you valuable recruits.

You can create an army and get right into the fight, or you can create an account to create and save multiple armies, which you can use to battle your friends.

Recent Battles

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Drewdiah had a battle with Queenbee

Drewdiah had a battle with Queenbee

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Unmet Challenges

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Strongest Armies

Replicators led by
213 victories and 32 defeats, currently 1070 soldiers strong.

GeneticDestuction led by Conway the Terrible.
147 victories and 31 defeats, currently 700 soldiers strong.

Peatbog Fairies led by Titania.
95 victories and 6 defeats, currently 565 soldiers strong.

Replicators2 led by
101 victories and 20 defeats, currently 515 soldiers strong.

Britannian Rebels led by Schneizel el Britannia.
67 victories and 0 defeats, currently 455 soldiers strong.